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Super Visa and How it Works?

You can spend up to five years at a time visiting your children or grandchildren with a super visa. It’s a visa that allows for several entries for up to ten years. The length of your stay will be confirmed by a border services officer when you enter Canada.

A super visa has particular conditions, one of which is having health insurance. To qualify, you must fulfill every requirement.

If you want to stay for 6 months or less, apply for a visitor visa.

Increased period of stay for super visa holders beginning July 4, 2022

If you submit a request after July 4, 2022:

  • You will be qualified for stays of up to five years. But, if your application is received before July 4, 2022, you can be eligible for the longer stay:
  • If your application was accepted by us prior to July 4th, You are permitted to stay for up to 5 years at a time as long as you enter Canada after July 4.
  • You will be qualified for a stay of up to 5 years at a time if we approve your application after July 4.

If you arrived in Canada with a supervisa that was valid prior to July 4

When you entered Canada, the border services agent gave you a certain amount of time to stay; that time limit is still in effect. For instance, if you were given two years, that is how long it would last.

  • Nevertheless, if you wish to take advantage of a longer stay, you must depart Canada before the expiration of your visa and return after July 4, 2022. If you continue to complete all requirements for a super visa, the border services officer may extend your stay for up to 5 years.
  • Alternatively, you can apply to extend your stay in Canada and request a maximum 2-year extension.


Book a Consultation to assess your Credentials to find out if you are eligible applying Super Visa.

Super Visa Criteria and Eligibility

A person must meet the LICO eligibility standards by demonstrating they have enough money to maintain their family size, provide an invitation letter, and show they are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident in order to be allowed to invite their parents and grandparents. The candidates need to undergo a medical examination and have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance provider that is at least one-year-old.

Dependents are not permitted to apply for a Super visa.

The applicant must submit an application for a Canadian Super visa from outside of Canada, pass a medical examination, and then be granted entry into Canada. The applicant must also fulfill the requirements set forth by the IRCC in order to be accepted as a real tourist who will depart Canada at the conclusion of their stay.

Process of applying Super Visa:

You can apply for a Super visa either online or on paper. While the forms and supporting documentation are identical, online applications are quicker to communicate with the IRCC, particularly if the applicant is asked to provide extra documents while the file is being processed.

In order to enter Canada by air without a visa, applicants from those nations should additionally submit an electronic travel authorization application (eTA).

Apply for a Super visa from outside of Canada and provide all necessary documentation to ensure speedy application processing. A Super visa application requires biometric information.

Supporting docuemnts required for super visa

The following papers must be provided by the inviter, who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is the applicant’s child or grandchild:

  • Invitation letter outlining the amount of support being offered, the size of the family, and evidence of residence (identity document, citizenship certificate, PR card, etc.)
  • Evidence of the bare minimum essential income, such as a letter of employment, a T4/T1, pay stubs, and bank statements

The following must be provided by the applicant:

  • a Canadian insurance company’s proof of medical insurance payment with coverage of at least $100,000 and good for at least a year after the date of entry
  • Valid medical exam report evidence

The candidate can be asked to attend an interview. The applicant may be asked to supply additional information or a police certificate in addition to the forms and other primary requirements.


What is a super visa?

A multiple-entry visa that allows for multiple entries for up to ten years is known as a super visa. The main distinction is that a 10-year multiple entry visa would only have a six-month status term for each entry, whereas the super visa permits an individual to stay in Canada for up to five years at a time.

Who in Canada is eligible for a Super visa?

A letter of invitation from your child or grandchild who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada is required before you can apply for a super visa. This letter must include: a commitment to provide you with help financially throughout your visit. The names and numbers of those who live in this person's home.

How much money is needed to get a super visa?

1 person $25,338, 2 people $31,544, 3 people $38,780, 4 people $47,084, 5 people $53,402,, 6 people $60,228 7 people $67,055, More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $6,827

Are Super Visas preferable to Visitor Visas?

What distinguishes a 10-year multiple entry visitor visa from a parent and grandparent super visa? The main distinction is that the super visa permits stays up to five years long for each entry into Canada. Only six months can be spent in each country on a 10-year multiple-entry visa.

The cost of a super visa for Canada.

The cost of applying for a Super Visa in Canada is $100 (Canadian) per applicant. Also, you could be required to provide biometrics; in that instance, the fee is $85 per person and $170 for families of two or more.

How long is a super visa valid in Canada?

You could be able to stay in Canada for up to 5 years with a super visa. The officer may occasionally shorten or lengthen your stay in Canada to accomplish the intended goal of your trip.

Could a super visa be denied?

Super and visitor visas are frequently denied. Depending on which country a person is a citizen of—a visa-required or visa-exempt country—there are numerous grounds for refusal.

Parents may they work on a super visa?

It should be emphasised that those with Super Visas cannot work in Canada. There is a scheme that allows parents and grandparents to live permanently; however, there is a finite number of visas available through this programme, and applications can take a very long time to process.

Is a round-trip ticket necessary for a supervisa to Canada?

Although it is not legally required, we strongly advise tourists entering Canada to show a return ticket at the border. Officers at the port of entry may request documentation showing that a person entering Canada will depart before the end of their permitted stay.

Can parents remain in Canada indefinitely?

You could apply to sponsor your parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents if you filled out the interest to sponsor form in 2020 and received an invitation to apply for the 2022 intake.