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Federal Skill Trade Program & How it Works?

One of the three Federal economic initiatives under Express Entry is the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP). It first appeared in 2013. IRCC hopes to welcome some 400,000 immigrants annually under the Federal Skilled Trade Program due to a labor need in Canada (FSTP). During six months, qualified skilled trade professionals typically become Canadian citizens.

While there is a “NO” educational requirement under the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP), an applicant may have a low CRS score.

Only provinces other than Quebec are available for the candidate to choose from when applying under the Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP).

Whether residing outside of Canada or inside Canada with a valid temporary status, an eligible candidate may be invited under the FSTP (Federal Skilled Worker Class).

Eligibility and Qualifications for the Federal Skilled Trade Program

The following basic requirements should be met by the candidate in order for them to be qualified to apply under the Federal Skilled Trade Program:

1) Work experience in a Skilled positions:

The applicants who are interested in applying for the FSTP should have at least 2 years of recent, full-time, paid work experience in a skilled profession. Candidates’ employment responsibilities should be in line with the NOC’s profession description. The candidates must have had work experience in one of the following NOC B trade groups:

  • Industrial, electrical, and construction trades major Group 72
  • Maintenance and equipment operation trades, Major Group 73
  • Supervisory and technical positions in natural resources, agriculture, and related activities, Major Group 82
  • Central control operators and major Group 92, processing, manufacturing, and utility supervisors
  • the cooks and chefs of Minor Group 632
  • Small Group 633, Bakers and Butchers

2) English or French language proficiency

The applicant may submit the results of a language test taken in either English or French from one of the organisations on the approved list, which includes IELTS, CELPIP, TEF Canada, or TCF Canada. The needed minimum scores for eligibility are CLB/NCLC 4 for the reading and writing module and CLB/NCLC 5 for the speaking and listening module.


Book a Consultation to assess your Credentials to find out if you are eligible for Federal Skill Trade Category.

3) Education Credentials

There is “NO” minimal educational requirement for FSTP application eligibility. Nonetheless, candidates may add their schooling from within or outside of Canada if they want to raise their CRS Score or points. Candidates with foreign education must, however, submit an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for each certificate they have earned. The ECA must be from the specified organization, which may be WES, IQAS, ICAS, CES, or ICES, and it must be for immigration-related purposes.

  • A genuine job offer from a Canadian company for at least one year, or a Canadian-issued Certificate of Competency in a specific specialized trade
  • A certificate of qualification is a recognized exam that certifies a candidate’s ability to work in that province or territory in Canada.

In order to demonstrate that they have the resources to move themselves and their dependent family members to Canada, candidates seeking under the FSTP may be asked to submit “Proof of Funds,” unless:

  • They are currently residing in Canada and have permission to work
  • Possess a legitimate job offer from a Canadian company.


Following are the steps to apply for the FSW Program in Canada Successfully receive an ITA for the final submission of your profile and become a permanent resident of Canada within 6 months period.

You must submit your paperwork after you are declared eligible for one of these Canadian Fast Entry programmes. A ranking based on the Complete Ranking System will be given to your file (CRS). In order to rank profiles for the Express Entry pool, evaluation and scoring of the profiles (based on education and language proficiency) are done.

The results of language exams, proof of schooling, a passport or other travel documents, and proof of financial means are only a few examples of documents.

You must now submit details about yourself, such as your age, education level, employment history, etc.

Those candidates who receive the highest CRS score will be invited to apply (ITA). With this invitation, a person can apply for this programme as well as Canadian Express Entry programmes.

An invitation to apply (ITA) is required before someone can apply for a Canadian Express Entry programme. Individuals need to keep in mind that they only have 60 days to submit their application.


What is federal skilled trades program in Canada?

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for qualified professionals who desire to immigrate to the United States permanently.

Is a job offer necessary for the federal skilled trades program?

No, you often don't require a job offer. But, if any of the following apply to you: you are qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program;

Who is eligible for FSTP?

Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Residence) Visa under the FSWP: possess at least one year of continuous full-time employment, or equivalent, in a skilled occupation over the previous ten years (National Occupational Classification skill type 0 or skill level A or B)

What distinguishes the federal skilled trades programme from the federal skilled worker program?

The professional portfolio is the main focus of the FSWP curriculum. FSTP is designed exclusively for anyone with experience in the international trade sector who wants to immigrate to Canada. Programs for speed tracks include FSTP and FSWP.

What is the federal skilled trade cutoff?

Cutoff score for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) CRS program is 489.

What is the processing time for federal skilled trade applications?

The Express Entry program oversees the Economic Class, which includes the Federal Skilled Trade Class. After receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA), processing typically takes six months. You must fulfil the program requirements in order to be eligible to apply.

Is FSTP same as Express Entry?

Express Entry is a method of applying, while FSW is a category of immigration. To start, the FSW class and Express Entry vary in that the former is in fact a program for permanent residence while the latter is not.